It’s me I’m looking for, but it’s these plums in vodka I found.



To be strained in to a container soon.  The leftover plums will be sampled and (hopefully) put to another use.

What does one do with leftover fruit, etc., from flavoring liqueur?  “Spoon over ice cream” is not the direction I hope to receive.

Yesterday, I read “The Preservation Kitchen,” by Paul Virant of Vie and Kate Leahy, cover to cover.  It’s an inspiring collection of writing and, as usual, insane food photographs, recommended to me by a trusted source.  It gives creative culture to canning and preserving: not only are the recipes practical and delicious and measured by weight as well as volume (so helpful when harvesting pickling cucumbers… who has a quart jar in the field?), but they also offer ways to consume the goods–in multiple plates–elsewhere in the book.

the preservation kitchen



minding gaps everywhere.